« We are instantly seduced by the deep, rich sonorities of Emmanuelle Moriat's discourse. We listen as she confides in us. Emmanuelle Moriat’s interpretation hits home and kindles admiration by adhering closely to the text.  Emmanuelle Moriat  ( and « Escale en pays magyar » )  brilliantly shares the spotlight alongside the recording of legendary Leonard Pennario. » C.Lorandin, Concertonet.com

« Emmanuelle Moriat , « Escale en pays magyar » (Kdream music).Main album of our « concerto in Fajet » magazine of May 16th… An album which offers rarities, « an exploration of the Magyar country » - not Hungarian country, as this denomination has not always been appropriately used in music. A passionate, colourfulinterpretation  with great artistic integrity. Magnificient. » Thierry Vanhée, Concerto in Fajet.

"The famous sonata of Poulenc, the highlight of the concert, was a brilliant success. It was played with fluidity, she couldn't fail to arouse the enthusiasm of a warm and attentive audience. The cantilena was unarguably a point of high emotion."  F Albou in the Journal l'Union, about a concert with  the flutist Odile Renault at the Flaneries Musicales in Reims

"Yuri Kuroda and Emmanuelle Moriat were outstanding on violin and piano" Joel Micehl in the JDC

"Emmanuelle Moriat carried away the audience" at the Année Musicale in Vaux d'Yonne

"Switching between solo and duet, Emmanuelle Moriat and Elena Gabouri were sublime in the second evening" Marie Edwige Hebrard in the Journal La Montagne

"Ferenc Vizi (from Rumania) already a concert player with a strong repertoire, and Emmanuelle Moriat (from France) an outstanding musician, won the two first prizes in their fields at the competition of SACEM and SPEDIDAM" Musician Pierre Cornel's Letter, 1998



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