This  program, colourful and very rhythmical, invites the audience to discover two composers of Hungarian origin.
Mikls Rzsa is particulary known for his film music and his partnerships with Alfred Hitchcock,  Alain Resnais ...
As for Ern Dohnnyi, Bla Bartk said of him : You can sum up Hungarian music in one name, Dohnnyi .
-  Ern Dohnnyi (1877-1960) : Ruralia Hungarica op 32a
-  Mikls Rzsa (1905-1995) : Bagatelles op 12 
-  Mikls Rzsa : Sonate op 20 

Duration of the concert : 1h20 with a short presentation
Radio presentation of the album :
Musical Propositions
Exploring the Magyar country